USAbroad – Revisiting Global America: Nationalism in History and Politics

USAbroad – Revisiting Global America: Nationalism in History and Politics

We are pleased to announce that the second issue of the journal USAbroad–Journal of American History and Politics, “Revisiting Global America: Nationalism in History and Politics”, can be downloaded for free at the following address:

USAbroad is the first Italian journal of U.S. history and politics. Co-edited by CISPEA (Interuniversity Center of American History and Politics) and the Department of Political Science of the University of Bologna, USABroad is run by an Editorial Team of Italian early-career scholars with the support of an international Scientific Committee.

The second issue of USAbroad covers different historical periods, following the construction and the evolution of the American nationalism from the early Republic to the Reagan Era. The issue seeks to bring new considerations to bear on its meaning by highlighting continuities, idiosyncrasies, and changes in nationalistic discourses, practices, and policies. To offer a comprehensive review of the topic is, of course, impossible. The goal is to add historical pieces to the composite picture of the American nation and give useful historiographical tools to interpret our present of revived nationalism. From this perspective, in the new column Bringing the History Back In, the article of Federico Romero—“Globalization’s Nemesis: from Liberal Internationalism to White Nationalism”—reconstructs the complicated historical road from liberal internationalism to the white (and economic) nationalism of today.

We hope that you will enjoy the issue and we look forward to receiving your comments and feedback.

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The USAbroad Editorial Team



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